alphabet short stories



Warning: Before you continue to read this, I would suggest you to read the actual story first because there might be spoilers. Click here!



Note: Due to the fact that this story isn't finished, yet, it is possible that I might be editing this Trivia from time to time.



After I was able to finish When the Sky cries, I have discovered my passion for writing. There was a short pause after my first story, but I still continued to read stories on FanFiction and FictionPress.


Two and a half months later I found this following list on FanFiction.

                    N Nature Numb
                    O One Only
                    P Priceless Precious
D Diary Danger                     Q Quiet Queen
E Everything Eternity                     R Racing Restless
F Freedom Fight                     S Strong Sleepover
G Good Girl                     T Time Taught
H Help Heaven                     U Use Us
I Immortal Ill                     V Visit Very
J Jewel June                     W Worthless Winning
K Karma Kids                     X X-ray X-mas
L Love Lust                     Y Youth Yell
M Marriage Money                     Z Zenith Zest

It was a writing challenge. For each letter of the alphabet there were two themes given. You have to choose one of them for each letter and write a short story about this theme. As easy as some themes are, as difficult are other ones to write about.


I remember that it was late at night, and I was chatting with my best friend Sarah on ICQ when I found the theme list. I really don't know how I got the idea to challenge her - and she was even crazy enough to accept the challenge! - anyway, we devided that both of us will try to write as many stories as they can until the end of September. It was the end of the school year when we started, so we had a lot time thanks to the summer holidays to write. I knew that I would never be able to write twenty-six stories in two and a half months, so I aimed for at least the half - and I was glad that I was able to reach my goal. Sarah managed to write five short stories. (I still haven't read the last one yet!)


The short stories are a mixture between a sequel and a addition to "When the Sky cries".





Apart from the characters from my first story, there are also some new characters who have their first appearance in the short stories. You can devide them in two sections: The older ones who are all in the same class and the younger ones who are partly the younger siblings of the older ones.


Alexis McCain 

Lys Madigan

Matt Peyton

Eric Peyton

Cathleen de Kerk

Keira McCain

Mrs McCain




Ace Cartier:

A good friend of the Peyton twins who is in the same class as them.  


Zaraa Lair:

A new student at Oxford High who gets into the same class as Ace.


Kai Andrews:

Kayla's crush.


Myra Kershaw:

A shy classmate of Alexis and Lys. She's good at card games.


Joey Ibsen:

Another classmate of Alexis and Lys. Later he becomes friends with Myra.


Jane Cartier:

Ace's younger sister and one of Kayla's best friends.


Nadyne King:

The other best friend of Kayla. Her mother got into a car accident.


Mike Spiral:

A childhood friend of Nadyne.


Davis Taylor:

A gambler at Middleton High who only managed to win with unfair games.


Mrs Cartier:

Ace's and Jane's mother. 


Mrs King:

Nadyne's mother; got hit by a car.





Middleton High

The school to which the following characters are going:  Alexis, Lys, Matt, Eric, Cathleen, Keira, Deliah, Ace, Zaraa, Myra, Joey and Davis. Apart from Davis, everyone is in the same class.


The Hospital

One of the main places for Nadyne and her friends due to the fact that her mother is there.


The Café

The favourite place of Alexis, Lys, Matt, Eric, Ace and Zaraa. They like to meet their from time to time to simply enjoy a few hours without doing anything for school. 


The Library

Alexis and Lys work their because of their part-time jobs.




A for Angel
Ace Cartier, Zaraa Lair, Mrs Cartier
B for Battle
Kayla and Alexis McCain, (Kai Andrews)
C for Courage
Myra Kershaw, Joey Ibsen, Keira, Deliah
D for Danger Ace and Jane Cartier, Kayla McCain, Nadyne King
E for Everything Alexis McCain, Eric and Matt Peyton, Lys Madigan, Mrs McCain
F for Fight Ace Cartier, Eric and Matt Peyton, Alexis McCain, Lys Madigan, Zaraa Lair
G for Good Alexis McCain, Lys Madigan
H for Help Ace and Jane Cartier
I for Immortal Nadyne King, Mike Spiral
L for Love Zaraa Lair, Ace Cartier, Eric and Matt Peyton, Alexis McCain, Lys Madigan
M for Money Eric and Matt Peyton, Lys Madigan, Alexis McCain
N for Nature Lys Madigan
O for Only One Kayla McCain
R for Restless Cathleen de Kerk
W for Winning Myra Kershaw, Joey Ibsen, Davis Taylor, Keira, Deliah